New publication: The Seasons in Ancient Indian Medicine

Angermeier, Vitus. 2022. “The Seasons in Ancient Indian Medicine: Long Winters or Extensive Rains?”. History of Science in South Asia 10 (October). Edmonton, Canada:247-71.

This article, in parts based on an older draft, is the first publication resulting from research done within the frame of the epidemics project. Because the chapter on the seasons in the Suśrutasaṃhitā contains a passage on epidemic events, it had to be examined in its whole regarding its structure and historical development. Relying on the emerging new edition at, it could be shown that the chapter had a quite different form earlier, rendering the epidemics passage more central than it seems nowadays (cf. section 4 of the article). The peculiarities of this chapter were already the topic of an earlier blog post.


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