Calamities Workshop: Program

For the complete program including abstracts, please download this PDF: Programme-Calamities-and-Countermeasures-Vienna-Nov-2024

Day 1: Friday, November 8th
9:00-9:15Welcoming Session
Section 1: Crises in the Epic Literature.
9:15-10:00Giacomo Benedetti:The great 12-years drought and its consequences in Epic and Puranic tradition
10:00-10:45Adam Bowles: Social crises and their theorising: the mixing of social classes and norms in the Mahābhārata

— Break —
Section 2: Protective Spells in Brahmanism and Buddhism
11:15-12:00Anthony Keller: Diseases and their ritual treatments in the Kauśika-Sūtra
12:00-12:45Francesco Bianchini: Communal well-being and safety in selected dhāraṇī sources

— Lunch Break —
14:15-15:00Daisy Sze Yui Cheung: Protecting the state by means of a sūtra: the ritual use of the Suvarṇaprabhāsottamasūtra against calamities
15:00-15:45Patrick Zeitlhuber: The Significance of the Ratanasutta as a Countermeasure against the Plague in Vaiśālī

— Break —
Section 3: Communal Medicine Against Diverse Plagues
16:15–17:00Matthew Robertson: The Divine Element in Early Ayurvedic Epidemiology
17:00–17:45Dominik Wujastyk: Surviving Snakes, Rats, Scorpions and Spiders
— Workshop Dinner —

Day 2: Saturday, November 9th
Section 3: Dealing with Disasters
09:15-10:00Vitus Angermeier: Whatever helps. Modes of reaction towards calamities in the Arthaśāstra
10:00-10:45Liqun Zhou: Divination and Earthquakes in Pre-modern India: The Case of the Śārdūlakarṇāvadāna

— Break —
11:15-12:00Eugen Ciurtin: The Early South Asian Seismic Risk
12:00-12:45Saarthak Singh & Daniela De Simone: Destruction, desertion, ruin and restoration: Earthquake impact on medieval monuments in central India

— Lunch Break —
Section 4: On the Crossroads of Health and Religion
14:15-15:00Julia Shaw: Monastic Landscapes, Urbanism, and Ecological Public Health: An Archaeological Perspective
15:00-15:45Federico Divino: “The World is Ablaze”: Unraveling Buddhist Ascetic conception of Catastrophes and ‘Therapeutic’ Apocalypse

— Break —
16:15-17:00Gudrun Melzer: The iconography of disease-eradicating deities in South Asia before the thirteenth century: An overview
17:00–17:30Concluding session: Recap of the workshop, outlook on the proceedings