Tag: Bhelasaṃhitā

  • New Publication: Dharma and the Physicians: Ethic Reflections in Early Ayurvedic Literature

    Angermeier, Vitus. “Dharma and the Physicians: Ethic Reflections in Early Ayurvedic Literature.” In Visages Du Dharma, edited by Christèle Barois and Silvia D’Intino, 71–94. Puruṣārtha 39. Paris: éditions EHESS, 2023. http://editions.ehess.fr/ouvrages/ouvrage/visages-du-dharma/ Accepted manuscript available here: https://doi.org/10.17613/j0xc-4s48 This article is rather preliminary work than an outcome of this research project, but, due to some delays, was… → Read more

  • Epidemiology in the Bhelasaṃhitā

    The Carakasaṃhitā (CS) has its own chapter on epidemics (3.3) and the Suśrutasaṃhitā (SS) deals with collective suffering within the frame of its chapter on the seasons (1.6). But what about the Bhelasaṃhitā (BhS)? This poorly preserved early āyurvedic compilation, like the CS, belongs to the school of internal medicine, and could provide precious insights,… → Read more