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  • Mantras and epidemics

    Mantras and epidemics

    Someone recently asked me why I, conducting a project on epidemics, write a paper on mantras in Ayurveda. Here is the reason: Early South Asian medical compilations discuss epidemics and how to treat them. They suggest various countermeasures. Besides more “medical” remedies they also mention truthfulness, compassion, mantras, offerings, fasting, atonement, veneration of gods, certain… → Read more

  • Mantras in early Ayurveda

    Mantras in early Ayurveda

    Vitus Angermeier presented a paper on “Medication or Magic? Mantras in Early Āyurveda” at the Workshop Mantras: Sound, Materiality, and the Body, 12-14 May 2022, Vienna. The complete paper is available here: https://www.academia.edu/79051821/For the slides, please visit https://www.academia.edu/79092507/. Abstract The seminal 1989 study “Mantra in Ayurveda” by Kenneth G. Zysk1 describes four areas in which… → Read more