Tag: Suśrutasaṃhitā

  • New Publication: Dharma and the Physicians: Ethic Reflections in Early Ayurvedic Literature

    Angermeier, Vitus. “Dharma and the Physicians: Ethic Reflections in Early Ayurvedic Literature.” In Visages Du Dharma, edited by Christèle Barois and Silvia D’Intino, 71–94. Puruṣārtha 39. Paris: éditions EHESS, 2023. http://editions.ehess.fr/ouvrages/ouvrage/visages-du-dharma/ Accepted manuscript available here: https://doi.org/10.17613/j0xc-4s48 This article is rather preliminary work than an outcome of this research project, but, due to some delays, was… → Read more

  • Epidemics in Suśruta

    or: Why critical editions matter. An example from Ayurveda, Suśrutasaṃhitā. According to the vulgate editions (none of them critical), all the compilations of early Ayurveda have a chapter on the seasons near their beginning discussing topics such as the structure of time, seasonal hazards, appropriate diet and conduct. Usually they bear a title like “ṛtucarya”… → Read more